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Fiberesin recommends using the NorthClad® EF Exposed Fastener Panel System. Colors, gloss levels, and finish textures can be tuned to meet your specific project requirements. Fastener patterns and finishes can be adjusted to contrast or blend in. EF Series panels are not limited to perpendicular edges - curves are possible, as are abstract shapes.

Details below show how Stonewood Exterior Panels work with the NorthClad EF Exposed Panel System.




A HorizontalJoint DetailsA

Horizontal Joint


B VerticalJoint DetailsB

pdf Vertical Fastener (1.11 MB)


C VerticalFastener DetailsC

pdf Vertical Fastener (1.11 MB)


A HorizontalJoint DetailsD

pdf Base Detail (1.03 MB)


B VerticalJoint DetailsE

pdf Coping (1.11 MB)


C VerticalFastener DetailsG

pdf Outside Corner (970 KB)


A HorizontalJoint DetailsH

pdf Inside Corner (1004 KB)


B VerticalJoint DetailsJ

pdf Window Head (1.11 MB)


C VerticalFastener DetailsK

pdf Louver Head (1.10 MB)


A HorizontalJoint DetailsM

pdf Door Head (1.12 MB)


B VerticalJoint DetailsN

pdf Concrete Transition (835 KB)


C VerticalFastener DetailsP

pdf Vertical Termination (838 KB)


A HorizontalJoint DetailsR

pdf Window Jamb (882 KB)


B VerticalJoint DetailsS

pdf Louver Jamb (791 KB)


C VerticalFastener DetailsT

pdf Door Jamb (885 KB)


A HorizontalJoint DetailsU

pdf Window Sill (945 KB)


B VerticalJoint DetailsV

pdf Louver Sill (1.05 MB)


A HorizontalJoint Details pdf Download Entire Detail Package (PDF) (16.21 MB)