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In an industry where the standard lead-time continues to rise, our American-made panels offer a refreshing alternative; delivery on your Read More

Zero Flame Spread

We know that fire safety is a top concern, that's why we proudly offer exterior panels with a Flame Spread Read More

Time Lapse: Stonewood Panel Installation

Watch a Stonewood installation time lapse on the Legacy luxury condos in Minneapolis, MN.! Read More

NFPA 285 Compliant

Tested to the highest standards, Stonewood Panels perform; passing the stringent NFPA 285 Standard Fire Test for exterior wall assemblies. Read More

Made in America

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Stonewood Architectural Panels are manufactured by Fiberesin, an expert in the art of thermal fusion, mixing smarts and experience to create engineered materials of exceptional performance, strength, and consistency.

What is Stonewood?

Stonewood Panels are solid phenolic, thermally-fused materials comprised of multiple sheets of kraft fiber paper. These kraft papers can be FSC® certified FSC-C115183 and contain 16% or more post-industrial, recycled wood fiber content. To produce Stonewood Panels, Fiberesin impregnates the raw core kraft sheets with phenolic resins. The treated papers are then hot pressed, fusing the layers into a solid panel. The Stonewood panel does not emit formaldehyde, is resistant to burning, and can support significant weight without breaking. 

The number of kraft papers used determines the thickness of the panel. Fiberesin manufactures 4' x 8' architectural panels into several thicknesses to accommodate different project requirements.

Building Material

Stonewood Panels are available as a Class A or Class B fire-resistant wall cladding material. Stonewood Exterior Panels also feature UV resistance.

Rainscreen Design

Stonewood Exterior Panels are designed to work as a cladding with rainscreen design in a ventilated façade system. Stonewood Panels work with almost any fastening system, but Fiberesin strongly recommends the NorthClad® EF Exposed Fastener Panel System.


Another cost-effective option Stonewood offers is self-edging. Minimal sanding and polishing creates an attractive edge that is visually and tactilely pleasing. Traditional edge treatments are also an option.

Unique Designs

Architects and designers utilize these highly customizable phenolic wall panels to create truly original building designs with custom graphics and shapes. Fiberesin can create unique shapes with their extensive line of CNC routers.


Fabrication options are unlimited. Stonewood Panels can be shaped, cut, drilled, routed, tapped, or sanded (Fiberesin has full fabrication capabilities in-house). With its superior stability, Stonewood holds inserts, brackets, fasteners, or specialty hardware with outstanding screw retention.


Stonewood Panels are made from a chemical-resistant material that can be used in laboratory, medical, or educational environments where such surface properties are important. Stonewood has been tested and passed SEFA 3, SEFA 8-PH-2010, Section 8.1.