Project Details

Made of durable phenolic materials, Stonewood Architectural Panels are weather-resistant to withstand long Alaskan winters. All panels are Made in the USA, ensuring a three-week production lead time designed to save time and money on the construction site. The Wellness Center offers a host of services, including: medical, dental, behavioral health, chemical dependency, physical therapy, pharmacy, and traditional healing.

Panel Overview

Application Exterior
Sizes 4'x8'
No. of Panels 417
Fasteners Color Match Screws
Attachment Substrate Gypsum
Colors Solid, Abstract & Wood Grain
Installers Neeser Construction, Inc.


Klauder & Co Architects
Kenai, AK

Architects Alaska
Anchorage, AK


Exterior Technology Systems
Preston Rudderow | Phone: 907-227-0653

RS2741 2452b DenainaWellnessCent 3 hpr
Dena’ina Wellness Center installed 417 Stonewood Exterior Architectural Panels.

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RS2742 2452b DenainaWellnessCent 6 hprThe building exterior features Solid, Abstract & Wood Grain Stonewood Panels installed with color match screws.

RS2743 2452b DenainaWellnessCent 43 hpr

RS2744 2452b 44 hpr