Project Details

  • Stonewood Exterior Panels were installed on pre-finished, black 22ga galvanized steel over a Momentive GE silicone membrane. The steel supports were pre-notched for flashings to prevent buildup. The substructure was attached with #12-14 X 2” Hex Head Ultra Stainless X-3 into 20 gauge steel framing.
  • Panel fasteners were #12-14 X 1” Pancake Head Ultra Stainless X-3. Ultra stainless is a 410 stainless with 2% molybdenum to improve corrosion resistance and reduce electrolysis.
  • The fastener holes were a combination of small, fixed point holes (220 mils), slotted holes (220 by 320), and oversized round holes (320) to accommodate expansion. The layout varied by shape of the panel.

Panel Overview

Application Exterior
Sizes 3/8", 4'x8'
No. of Panels 156
Fasteners Stainless Steel
Attachment Substrate Galvanized Steel over Momentive™
GE® Silicone Membrane
Colors Black
Installers General Contractors



WES Construction
Marysville, WA 98271

Stonewood Architectural Panels are tested to ASTM Standards with a Class A Fire Rating.

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Stonewood Panels are proudly Manufactured in America with a short three-week production lead time.