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Vertical Siding Overview

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  • Concealed fasteners create a clean look, showcasing planks
  • Ideally suited for accent areas such as soffits
  • Complements other installations of horizontal planks 
  • Reduced installation error, no field drilling or threaded fasteners are required to secure planks 
  • Uniquely suited for use on large low-rise continuous surfaces 
  • Quick and easy installation, kerfed groove plank slides onto corresponding horizontal rail
  • Plank joint placement can vary without additional support structure
  • Simplified specification, minimal parts
  • Two plank types: Class A, Class B
  • Planks can be cut to width in the field
  • FSC® (FSC-C115183) certification available
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Stonewood Vertical Siding Plank Sizes

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Thickness Panel Size Before Fabrication Weight Per Plank
5/16" 7 ” x 96” 11.5 lbs
5/16" 11 ” x 96” 17.5 lbs
5/16" 15 ¾” x 96” 23.7 lbs
Plank-to-Plank Joints

VS Panel to Panel Joints Image 01





Maintain a minimum distance of ¼” between planks to
accommodate hygrothermal movement of the plank.

Parts Overview

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Installed Panel Overview

Vertical Siding Details Assets 01

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