Project Details

Stonewood Solid Architectural Panels were installed with the Wood Grain accent band, giving this highly visible, privately owned title company in the heart of downtown Anchorage an updated look. All panels are made in America and offer a three week production lead time helping contractors to stay on schedule.

Panel Overview

Application Exterior
Sizes 8mm, 4'x8'
No. of Panels 145
Fasteners Stainless Steel
Attachment Substrate Color Matched
Colors Solid, Wood Grain
Installers Contractors


KPB Architects
Anchorage, AK


Exterior Technology Systems
Preston Rudderow | Phone: 907-227-0653

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Stonewood Solid Exterior Architectural Panels accented with Wood Grain create a new, updated look.

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IMG 2050Stonewood Architectural Panels are Made in America and offer rapid delivery times and custom color selection.

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