Stonewood is now MEG QSP and is part of ABET LAMINATI.
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By consuming less, polluting less, rethinking our processes, and investing in communities, we continue to see how sustainable practices have positive implications for our business and our customers.

FSC® Certification

In March 2013 Fiberesin achieved FSC certification FSC-115183. Fiberesin Stonewood Architectural Panels, both exterior and interior, are available with Forest Stewardship Council® certification. Learn more

Declare Label

As part of Stonewood’s commitment to transparency, Stonewood Architectural Panels have obtained a Declare label. Referred to as a ‘nutrition label’ for building products, Declare labels list all of the materials found in a given product, as well as its assembly site, life expectancy, and other key details to facilitate informed decisions toward positive human and environmental health. The Declare program aims to give people and businesses greater power when deciding what products to surround themselves with in their home or office.

Negligible VOC’s

Stonewood Panels have negligible VOC’s. We use formaldehyde-free substrates and solid core phenolic.


Fiberesin recycles wood, paper, pallets, and corrugated paper packaging, keeping landfill usage to a minimum. Plus, we continually work with customers and manufacturers to reduce overall packaging requirements.


At Fiberesin we use renewable energy produced at our plant to heat our presses. We reclaim yield and outfall from pressed panels and convert material to steam in order to heat the plant and presses.


Stonewood Interior Architectural Panels have been tested and passed SEFA 3, SEFA 8-PH-2010, Section 8.1. The Stonewood manufacturing facility is BIFMA® level certified.

Air Quality / Water Purity

Fiberesin meets or exceeds all federal, state, and local requirements for air quality and water purity.


Stonewood Architectural Panels are available with FSC® certification FSC-C115183.

2021 Declare Label renewal