Why Stonewood?



 In an industry where the standard lead-time continues to rise, our American-made panels offer a refreshing alternative; domestic lead times.

We know that fire safety is a top concern, that's why we proudly offer exterior panels with a Flame Spread Index of zero-- the best in the industry. Zero
NFPA Tested to the highest standards, Stonewood Panels perform; passing the stringent NFPA 285 Standard Fire Test for exterior wall assemblies.
Manufacturing and customer service are located in Wisconsin; ready to send your quotes, samples, and offer timely on-the-spot answers. America
Attachment 080219 Attach exterior panels using any of our highly adaptable fastening systems. Install interior panels with off-the-shelf threaded fasteners. 
Panels are available with FSC® certification and production energy is sourced from in-house scrap materials. Environmental